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This material forms the introductory chapters to 'Book of Enlightenment', Anadi’s most comprehensive work

Realm of the Inner State

The inner state is a reality in and of itself — a landscape of consciousness and being, the space of our inner abidance in the now, the existential bridge between the soul and the plane of universal I am. We can see the inner state as the gateway to the beyond, and also the natural condition of being known as the state of meditation. To meditate is to dwell within the inner state, and to abide in the inner state is to be in the state of meditation. The depth, stability, richness, expansiveness and strength of our inner state determine our ultimate relationship with the absolute reality.

There are three aspects of the inner state — awareness, being and heart. Through the complete realization of each and all of these aspects, we create a solid ground of unbroken abidance beyond the mind wherein and whereby we can awaken our soul and transcend the dimension of illusion. Each aspect of the inner state represents a different mode of expansion in our journey towards wholeness. To enter the plane beyond the mind with wisdom and a higher purpose, we must understand the multifaceted nature of the inner state and the interlinked practices of awakening, cultivation, stabilization and integration.

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