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The teaching of Anadi opens the door to a new understanding beyond the limitations of the past traditions and the one-dimensional concept of enlightenment that exists in our present world. Anadi reveals a vision of the inner path to self-actualization that, while extremely rich, is simple in its essence. He speaks about three dimensions of awakening – personal, individual and universal – each of which constitutes the foundation of our final completion: the realization of wholeness. In his teaching, not only is the path laid bare with extraordinary clarity and every step of awakening elaborated with utter precision, it also offers seekers the most practical of tools with which they may accelerate their own inner evolution. Starting from the transformation of the root our existence, which is the awakening of me, the path takes us to the realization of our sacred individuality – our soul – and then to transcendence through samadhi in the supreme reality.

In addition, the human aspect of our existence is fully embraced as an indivisible part of the realization of wholeness. The awakening of me is therefore seen as a platform for our completion on all levels, which must include the transformation, purification and healing of the human self. Only when the human is transformed can it surrender to and merge with our higher self, thereby allowing our soul to merge with the heart of the beloved without relinquishing the light of her individuality.

The spiritual path cannot be walked alone – it is far too deep and complex. It must be walked as a living relationship between guide and disciple where the disciple is not only receiving but also giving back. A seeker must take responsibility for his own evolution and give his life to the exalted goal of becoming his true self. This teaching is directed to sincere seekers of truth who possess the essential maturity to embody their light and awaken to their soul.